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AVID Resources for Parents & Students

AVID in Secondary Schools:

AVID is an elective class which prepares students for success in four-year colleges and universities. It’s an academic elective class during the school day (takes the place of a choice elective course) and focuses on writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading skills (WICOR). AVID scholars also focus on strategies for success, colleges and careers, and team building.

To be considered for AVID, you should have:

  • Average test scores, a GPA of 2.0-3.5, or average summary judgments on your standards-based report card
  • Exhibit college potential with support
  • Be a student who identifies as first generation, a student who is underrepresented on college campuses, a student who qualifies as low income or a student who has special circumstances.

Student responsibilities:

  • Maintain enrollment in rigorous academic classes, which lead to four-year college eligibility
  • Maintain satisfactory attendance and behavior in all classes
  • Maintain an AVID binder with assignment calendars and daily Cornell Notes from all classes
  • Complete all homework and dedicate at least 1-2 hours to studying and homework each night

Student commitment:

If selected for AVID, students understand that they must commit to remaining enrolled in the AVID elective for at least one year and that they’ll be allowed to remain in the elective only if they meet the student responsibilities outlined above. Studies show that students are most likely to demonstrate academic improvement if they remain in the elective at least three years and most likely to meet the goal of college enrollment if they remain in the AVID elective class through their senior year of high school.

Parent commitment:

Parents and guardians agree to support their students on their college paths and to be advocates for their students’ success. Parents agree to attend at least one informational meeting about AVID and ensure that their students are studying at least 1-2 hours after school and keeping an organized planner and binder.

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