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Here are a few highlights from the May 24, 2023 board meeting. The full agenda can be viewed here:

ACUSD Board Packet | ACOE Board Packet

Click here to watch the meeting recording on the KVGC YouTube channel.

State Preschool/Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELOP) Employees Recognized

Michelle Pechette, director of State Preschool and ELOP recognized 3 of her staff members: Andrea Rotar, Shannon Blake, and Bri Cadotte. Bri Cadotte, ELOP Supervisor, recognized 2 additional staff members: Jamie Guthrie and Alejandra Rodriguez. 

Amador High School Employees Recognized

Mrs. Ramos, Principal of Amador High School, recognized the following employees: Greg Wall, Brandon Wright, Angela Cowan, Lara Eichman, Kelli Thompson, Alison Signorotti, Stephanie Bramer, Jana Finarelli, Jolene Mittelstadt, Carly Benner, Ryan Mendoza, Jenny Neely, Orlando Morazan, and Gabby Lopez.

Educational Services Employees Recognized

Sean Snider, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, recognized 3 of his staff members: Sinead Klement, Michelle Pechette, and Linda Daly. He also recognized Toni Lindy, a retired teacher who supports the students in our community in countless ways through numerous events and programs. 

Superintendent’s Office Employees Recognized

Superintendent Torie Gibson recognized her two staff members, Laurie McQuiston and Haley Maciel.

Community Service Hours – Block A Awards Given

A large number of high school students were recognized for their community service hours throughout the school year:

Adult Transitions Students: Dennis Roussan, Kylin Stevens, Lei Loni Cordova, Justine Lucchesi, Trevin Murphy, Shelby Frias, Gabrielle Salinas, Diana Flores

Amador High School Students: Samuel Bramer, Scout Kasinger, Emily Lickiss, Chloe Traxler, Katelyn Francesconi, Morgan Clark-Dennis, Jinelle Fromme, Bryson Miller, Declan Morgan, Sierra Scobee, Preston Smith, Sara Gomez, Lukas Hunter, Dean Keller

Argonaut High School Students: Avery Forberg, Bridget Fox, Scott Kristoffersen, Gillian Rocke, Abigail Thomas, Neal King, Cadence Rice

Staff Retirements

Our Human Resources department took time to recognize the following employees who are retiring this year: Kathy Baptista, Ricky Padilla, Miles Krier, Carol Reid, Julia Mandeson, Mellonie Carlton, Linda Daly, Pamela Benson, Rueben Kobrin, Debra Lasich, Cathy Snyder, Elisa Teel, and Rose Outland.

Student Board Member Recognition

Dr. Gibson presented an award to student board member Preston Smith who is graduating this year.

From the Agenda:

  • The board approved the adoption of new textbooks for Government, Economics, and Physics following thorough review and evaluations by the teachers of these subjects throughout the 2022-2023 school year.
  • The board approved the addition of a new high school course – Video Production/Media 26. This course will be provided as a dual enrollment course through Columbia College which will allow students to earn 3 units of college credit through Columbia College Transfer.
  • The board approved a Memorandum of Understanding with Big Smiles Dentistry which provides mobile dental services for students in need on all of our school campuses.
  • The board approved a Memorandum of Understanding with bargaining unit CSEA 239 which allows employees to participate in the classified school employee summer assistance program.
  • The board approved the Tax Revenue Anticipation Note Resolution which is a standard part of the school district’s business to cover temporary cash flow shortfalls.

The next regularly-scheduled board meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 26th at the Amador County Administration Building. Open session will start at 6:30 pm. Board agendas can be viewed here.

Amador County Unified School District
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