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The CAC is made up of the following members:

  • Katherine Carlile
  • Kari Goldsmith
  • Suzi Hatfield
  • Tracy Hinman
  • Cynthia Larson
  • Megan Mathison
  • Aditra Miller
  • Sierra Shelton
  • William Shelton

Our meeting agendas and minutes are posted below.

Current Brown Act Guidance – Board Meeting Options

The safety and wellness of students, families, and school personnel are the highest priorities of all Amador County Public Schools. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Newsom’s stay at home order, the Community Advisory Committee will be conducting their meetings under the Brown Act via teleconferencing and limited personnel in compliance with Governor Newsom’s March 17, 2020, Executive Order N-29-20.

The Order temporarily gives legislative bodies the option to use but does not require the use of, a modified method of teleconferencing to hold meetings subject to the Brown Act. The following options are allowed per the Order:

  • Any or all legislative body members may attend any meeting (i.e., regular, special or emergency) by teleconference.
  • The CAC does not need to provide a location to be accessible to the public.
  • The agency is not required to post the agenda at any teleconference location.

To ensure that members of the public have access to the meeting and are able to participate in public comments, the Board will use Zoom teleconferencing to host the meeting. Members of the public can access the meeting via telephone or video conference. Information for accessing the meeting is posted under each meeting date.

CAC Meeting September 1, 2020

CAC Agenda 9.1.20

CAC Meeting June 2, 2020

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 this meeting will not be open for members of the public to attend in person. This meeting will be available to the public via Zoom. Zoom offers closed captioning during live conferences for disabled persons. To access the meeting online join the Zoom meeting via
Meeting ID: 972 6359 7726
Password: 1vGXbi

Special CAC Meeting May 7, 2020

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