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Consolidated High School Information Hub1

Welcome to the Consolidated High School Information Hub!

On May 24th, 2022, the Amador County Unified School District Board of Trustees voted to approve school consolidation, which will combine our two high schools into one consolidated high school and our two junior high schools into one consolidated junior high school. As part of this plan, Ione Elementary School will move to the current Ione Junior High campus once the junior high schools have consolidated.

Through consolidation, course offerings at our junior high and high school will be enhanced to allow for increased career and college readiness for students. The name and mascot for the new high school will be selected through an extensive process during the 2023-24 school year. Students, staff, and the community will all be included in the selection process until a recommendation is made to the board of trustees.

The Consolidated High School Information Hub on our website will be updated as site plans are created and progress is made toward consolidation. The consolidated high school and consolidated junior high school are set to open in August 2025.

Consolidation Information Contacts:

Torie Gibson

Jared Critchfield
Deputy Superintendent

Mark Brewer
Consolidated High School Principal

Branding Process

Our students and community will be highly involved in the process of selecting the name, mascot, and colors of the new consolidated high school. To kick off this process, a ThoughtExchange survey will be created and sent out to all families, students, and the greater community to submit ideas for the new consolidated high school.

Please refer to the timeline for more information about the full process. We anticipate the process to take 4-6 months.

ThoughtExchange Survey

We encourage everyone to participate in the survey below as the first step in our process. The survey will remain open through September 19th and the results will be announced shortly afterward.

Consolidated High School - Survey Open
Consolidated High School Branding Process

Facilities Information and Construction Plans

In May of 2023, the district started an environmental impact study and traffic study following the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). This study, conducted by CEQA consultant PlaceWorks, is a county-wide study to create a complete picture of the environmental and traffic impacts of consolidation. This study is expected to be completed in November of 2023 which will then allow the district to create a plan to mitigate any impacts.

When making the decision to consolidate in May of 2022, the Board of Trustees emphasized the importance of sustaining the six current elementary schools. Jackson, Ione, Sutter Creek, Plymouth, Pine Grove, and Pioneer elementary schools will all remain open with some modifications. Ione Elementary will move locations to the current Ione Jr. High campus while welcoming back 6th-grade students. Jackson Elementary will also welcome back 6th-grade students, which means all elementary schools in the district will educate transitional kindergarten (TK) through 6th grade. In the future, Sutter Creek Primary will move to the Sutter Creek Elementary campus unifying the school to one location.

Site plans:

Consolidated HS Site PLan

Consolidated High School

Consolidated High School Conceptual Plan
Ione Jr - Elem Conversion Conceptual Drawings Page 1

Ione Junior High Conversion to Ione Elementary

Ione Elementary School Conceptual Plan

Construction Timeline

Consolidation Timeline

Certification of Participation (COP) Information

Measure H did not pass on November 8, 2022. Without access to bond funds, to reconfigure campuses and consolidate student populations at higher grade levels – improving the quality of education provided to all students and resulting in gained efficiencies and corresponding cost savings – the District will need to finance facilities projects to increase classroom capacity at Argonaut High School. The proposed addition of a 10-classroom wing and student support facilities at Argonaut will allow for consolidation of Amador High School, placing all high school students in the County at a single campus. The District can finance $15 million of the facilities project costs utilizing Certificates of Participation (COP). Concurrently, the District will examine all facilities needs qualifying for potential State funding through the School Facilities Program (SFP) and, to the extent any of the components of the planned new classroom wing at Argonaut High School are eligible, the 2023 COP will provide matching funds for such SFP funds, in addition to providing the primary source of project funding. The proposed 2023 COP would provide up to $15 million for projects through an offering of public debt backed by a lease of District property. The proposed lease asset would be Amador High School, although it may be that an alternative site could be required pending title reports. The lease paid by the District would be structured to prepay interest for a period of 18 months, delaying the first ‘out-of-pocket’ payment until after projects have be completed. It is estimated that annual lease repayments of $1,245,000 per year will be required for approximately 18.5 years after prepaid interest is exhausted. Such payments can be made from any legally available resource and are a pledge of the District’s General Fund. The consolidation is projected to generate annual savings of $1,300,000 in 2022-23 dollars, and should grow with annual cost inflation, mitigating the impact of 2023 COP repayments. Additionally, District staff believe the cost of repayment can be accommodated in future budgets. The action to approve the 2023 COP allows for up to $16.75 million in principal amount for the 2023 COP to accommodate a reserve fund, issuance costs and prepaid (or “capitalized”) interest. Depending on market dynamics and the desired redemption provisions for the 2023 COPs, the District may be able to generate additional premiums on the sale of the 2023 COP and reduce the principal amount; however, either way this will ultimately have little impact of the actual repayment requirement amounts. Furthermore, action to approve the issuance of the 2023 COP does not commit the District to an issuance, but does authorize continuation of the issuance process. Resolution – PDF
Notice of Preparation – School Closure/Consolidation Program Project This NOP has been completed. The purpose of this NOP is to serve as a public notice that an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be prepared and to advise and solicit comments and suggestions regarding the scope and content of the EIR. Notice of Preparation – PDF Questions and comments were emailed to or to the mailing address listed on page 5 of the NOP.  The review period was Wednesday, June 21st through Thursday, July 20th.

Meet the Principal!

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year.  I am excited to be joining the Amador community as the consolidated high school principal.  I look forward to engaging with you as we collaborate to develop the new high school.  This process brings many new possibilities for students, staff, and the community.  Please visit the facilities web page on the district website for more detailed information.  Take care, and I look forward to meeting everyone throughout the year.

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”  – Helen Keller


Mark Brewer

Mark Brewer (532 × 532 Px)
Amador County Unified School District
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