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Mental Wellness Resources & Services

We are pleased to provide a high level of support for students with their social-emotional and mental health needs.  The range of services in this area extends from school counselors to mental health therapists.  A student may be referred to a community provider or they may be seen by our in-house specialists.  All forms required as part of the referral process are below for your convenience.

See the forms below for further details:


School counseling is available to assist students and their families. All high schools have school counselors on staff. Services are available to all junior high and elementary schools for grief counseling, bullying prevention, or other services as needed. Teachers and administrators are also trained to recognize and help students.

Mental Health and Wellness during COVID-19

“State Superintendent Tony Thurmond and the CDE are extremely concerned about the mental health and wellness of students whose lives have dramatically changed during the COVID-19 response, as well as the health of staff who are also coping with these changes.

To support students, schools, and communities during this challenging time, the CDE has gathered information regarding mental health resources, including links for students to get direct access to mental health professionals. The new “Help for Students in Crisis” web page includes crisis and warm line numbers, along with other COVID-19-related resources for providing virtual mental health services, and information for mental health providers, families, and youth:”

Social-Emotional Well-Being Resources

We understand these are challenging times for students and families.  The Youth Crisis Hotline is a free phone or online chat hotline developed to assist all students. Students can also reach out to their school counselors for support.  The counselors for each school are as follows:

Nexus Youth and Family Services will continue to provide support to our students during this time. For more information please visit their website and read the letter from Nexus, attached HERE – PDF.

The California Coalition (CCY) for Youth is dedicated to the youth, families, and youth allies that we serve. CCY, now more than ever, has found that the California Youth Crisis Line is an essential resource to California’s Youth and will remain operational during the COVID-19 pandemic to help youth and families find resources in their area and to be a listening ear for youth and families experiencing a crisis.

We want to remind everyone that the mental health symptoms associated with COVID-19 are just as severe as the physical ones, and we’re here 24/7 if you need to talk.

Call or text us at (800) 843-5200 or chat with us at (This will take you to another website that is not associated with Amador County Public Schools.)

Stress reduction is important, now more than ever. The California Youth Crisis Line is here for you if you need to talk, de-stress, or get access to resources and services. Call or text us 24/7 at (800) 843-5200 or chat with us online at (This will take you to another website that is not associated with Amador County Public Schools.)

Here are a few ways that we can individually reduce stress (a lot of which are done in the comfort of our own homes)

  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Build a social support network
  • Try Relaxation Methods

Click here to read about more resources. (This will take you to another website that is not associated with Amador County Public Schools.)

Additional Resources:

Access to Student Mental Health Services

AB 2022 added Education Code section 49428 which required school districts and charter schools to provide students and their parents/guardians with information at least twice per school year regarding how to access student mental health services on campus and/or in the community. This is obtained by contacting the school site to speak with the school counselor who will assist the family in accessing mental health services either through the school or through a community provider.

Amador County Unified School District
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