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Except as required, the use of school computers and access to the Internet is a privilege. Students who do not follow the rules may be disciplined and may lose computer privileges. When students use school computers, they agree to follow the directions of teachers and school staff; rules of the school and school district; and rules of any computer network they access.

Students also agree to be considerate and respectful of other users and to follow these rules:

  • Use school computers for school-related education and research only
  • Do not use school computers and networks for personal or commercial purpose
  • Do not change any software or documents (unless it’s a collaborative project or you have been given explicit permissions to edit or modify)
  • Do not produce, distribute, access, use or store which:
    • Is prohibited by law, our district or school rules;
    • Violates copyright laws;
    • Is obtained by trespassing in private or confidential files;
    • Would subject our district or individual to liability (such as defamatory information);
    • Is obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit;
    • Causes delay, disruption or harm to systems, programs, networks or equipment;
    • Is otherwise prohibited in the workplace or on a school campus.

Internet Access

The district provides internet access for the purposes of instruction. Students using the internet may have access to e-mail, public domain software, discussion groups, university libraries, Library of Congress, information and news from research institutions and more.

However, some information on the internet may be considered inappropriate for young people. The district is limited in its ability to control access by students to inappropriate information. If you do not want your student to have access to the internet, you must make that request in writing to the principal of any school your student attends.

Families are encouraged to discuss their expectations for appropriate activities on the internet. Using computer services, it may be possible for a student to purchase goods and services for which the parent may be liable. The district is not responsible or liable for a student’s use of or access to the internet that is in violation of our district’s rules, nor for lack of access to the internet, nor for accuracy of information received.

It is important to understand that work on school computers is not private or protected. Use of district computers, computer networks and the internet does not create any expectation of privacy. The district reserves the right to search any information sent, received or stored in any format. Our district is not liable for damage to or loss of students’ work maintained in computer files. Parents or guardians have the right to examine their child’s file if the information is accessible. We appreciate your assistance in ensuring that students use computers appropriately.

Amador County Unified School District
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