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Student Health

Our Health Services department believes that healthy children learn better. We serve as advocates for children by assisting families and communities to manage and minimize health concerns, thereby allowing students to achieve educational goals. As members of multidisciplinary teams, we promote education and knowledge by addressing health issues that are barriers to school attendance and participation.

Health Services personnel (school nurses, LVNs or health assistants) are not regularly available on school campuses. Nurses are available on an itinerant basis to assess the health needs and supervise the health care of special-needs students and to administer health screenings (vision, hearing and scoliosis).

It is imperative that parents or guardians fully inform the office staff and each teacher who works with their student(s) regarding any significant health problems. If your student requires specialized health care during the school day, you will be scheduled to meet with a school administrator, health services personnel and other school staff to design an individual plan. It may be helpful for you to establish a “buddy system” for your student by informing a classmate about his/her condition and how to react in an emergency.

Health Examination Requirements

State law requires parents or guardians of first grade students, upon enrollment, to provide a certificate of health examination or sign a waiver for a health exam. The health exam may be given up to 18 months before or within 90 days after entering first grade. Families are encouraged to obtain the health exam simultaneously with immunizations. (HSC § 124105)

Exemption from Physical Examination

For the health of all students, our district actively cooperates in measures necessary for the prevention and control of communicable diseases. However, a physical examination will not be given to a student whose parent or guardian requests this exemption in writing. Physical Examination : Parent refusal to consent (EC 49451). Assessment for illness and injury as needed, consist of temperature taking and administration of first aid if needed. A student may be exempt from this type of physical examination, whenever the parent or guardian files a written statement with the school stating they will not consent to a routine physical exam (as listed above) of their child. Whenever there is good reason to believe the child is suffering from a recognized contagious disease, the child will be excluded from school attendance. (EC § 49403 and 49450-49451)

Amador County Unified School District
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