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Federal and state laws grant rights of privacy and access to students and to their parents or guardians. Full access to all personally identifiable written records maintained by ACUSD must be granted to parents or guardians of students under the age of 18, parents or guardians of students age 18 or older if the student is a dependent and students who are 16 years and older, have completed 10th grade or are enrolled in college.

Parents, guardians or eligible students may review their individual records by making a request to the principal. Requests should be made in writing by the person(s) authorized to have access to the student record. Access will be provided no later than five business days following the date of the request. Parents, guardians or eligible students may seek to challenge any part of an individual record they believe is inaccurate or for other reasons specified by law. They may receive a copy of the records at our district established cost per page. District policies and procedures relating to types of records, logs, kinds of information retained, persons responsible for records, directory information, persons and organizations permitted access to student information and procedures to challenge records are available through the principal.

When a student moves to a new district, records will be forwarded upon the request of the new school/ school district. At the time of transfer to a California district, the parent, guardian or eligible student will be notified by the receiving school district and may review/receive a copy (at our district established cost per page) and/or challenge the records. Access to student records will also be granted to school officials (employees or contractors) who have a legitimate educational interest in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibility.

Student records are maintained and destroyed in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and district policy and administrative regulations. It is the practice of our district to destroy all student records, except for the high school transcript and immunization records, five years after the student is no longer enrolled in our district. If you believe our district is not in compliance with federal regulations regarding privacy, you may file a complaint with the Family Policy Compliance Office, U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Ave., SW, Washington, D.C. 20202-4605.(EC § 49060- 49078, 49408 and FERPA)

Amador County Unified School District
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