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Verification of Illness

The statewide average absence rate for typical childhood illness is five days. ACUSD allows each parent or guardian to excuse up to 10 nonconsecutive days per year without verification of illness from a medical professional or school employee. (EC § 46011)

Students too ill to attend school after five days are required to bring verification of illness from a medical professional on their return to school. If your student is under the regular care of a physician for a serious or chronic condition, or he/she is directed to stay home by a medical professional before the five days are reached, you should provide the verification immediately. These absences will be recorded as verified and will not take away from the 10-day parent excused limit.

Chronic Illness

If your student has a diagnosed chronic illness, you may receive a physician’s authorization to excuse absences for your student. The form requires the treating physician to verify the diagnosis and list symptoms that would not necessitate an office visit, but require the student to remain home from school.

With this authorization, the parent or guardian sends a note when the student returns to school listing symptoms the physician has identified. These absences will be considered verified. The form is available at your student’s school.

Amador County Unified School District
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