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Amador County Public Schools Board of Trustees

OUR UNITY OF PURPOSE:  We work as a cohesive Governance Team through discussions, actions and decisions that are thoughtful, respectful, and sensitive. We support one another in and away from the Board Room through active listening, vulnerability and honesty. We make policy decisions that ensure equitable support to increase student achievement and foster social, emotional, and physical well-being for all students.

A Message from the Board of Trustees

As we move through the COVID-19 outbreak and an unknown period of school closures, the Board of Trustees assures you that the health and well-being of our students, employees and their families is our primary concern. The Board is following the directives of Governor Newsom, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and our local Amador County Public Health Officer Dr. Rita Kerr.

Our Amador County Public Schools leadership and teaching staff have our full support and confidence to plan and organize distance learning and other alternative learning opportunities for all of our students.

The Amador County community is remarkable and unique in pulling together and uniting, without hesitation, when extreme situations affect us. Now is such a time. We are grateful for your resilience and support in this challenging time.


Board Meeting Minutes & Agendas


Board Policies


Board Governance Handbook

School Board Meetings

Generally, ACUSD and ACOE regular Board meetings are scheduled for the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Due to some holidays, some meetings are scheduled on the first or third Wednesday of the month. Special meetings may be called when necessary. Open Session typically begins at 6:30 PM. Closed Session begins at 5:30 PM. These regular meetings will be scheduled in the Amador County Administration Center, 810 Court Street, Jackson, CA unless otherwise announced. This schedule reflects the aligning of Board meetings with the fiscal calendar.

The Governing Board requests that individuals who would like to address the Governing Board during Public Comments or on an item on the agenda fill out Board Meeting Speaker Card and turn it in to the Secretary of the Board prior to the agenda item.

School Board Meeting Schedule – 2023

Board Meeting DateOrder of Meetings
January 18, 2023ACUSD - ACOE
February 8th, 2023ACUSD - ACOE
March 8th, 2023SELPA - ACUSD - ACOE
March 29th, 2023ACUSD - ACOE
April 19th, 2023ACUSD - ACOE
May 10th and May 24th, 2023ACUSD - ACOE
June 14th, 2023SELPA - ACUSD - ACOE
June 21st, 2023ACUSD - ACOE
July 26th, 2023ACUSD - ACOE
Aug 9th and Aug 30th, 2023ACUSD - ACOE
Sept 20th, 2023ACUSD - ACOE
October 11, 2023SELPA - ACUSD - ACOE
Nov 8th, 2023ACUSD - ACOE
December 13, 2023SELPA - ACUSD - ACOE
Amador County Unified School District
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