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Dr. Amy L. Slavensky, Superintendent of Schools


Winter 2019-20


Dear Students, Families, Colleagues & Community Partners,

The cooler weather is finally here, and with it comes time to reflect and ponder the 2019 year which is nearly in the past.  For me, this has been a year full of celebrations, opportunities, and learning experiences.  Here are just a few examples of what I’m thinking about:

  • Our schools and classrooms are moving forward with proactive social-emotional learning work with students, as well as robust standards-aligned teaching and learning experiences.
  • Our students are learning and growing in many positive ways.
  • Our district offices are buzzing with productivity and a strong desire to serve our schools and community well.
  • Our fiscal condition is getting stronger and stronger. Check out our financial reports for more information.

As I continue to reflect on this work, I’d like to share the following quote with you: “When you replace judgment with curiosity, everything changes,” from Robyn Conley Downs. This makes me think about the power of inquiry, the power of asking questions, the power of seeking first to understand.  As we move into 2020, I’d like to challenge all of us to commit to this approach. I think it may help us as we continue our essential work of supporting students, solidifying fiscal health, navigating transitions, and building trusting relationships.

Happy holidays and may peace be with you.


Amy Slavensky, Ph.D.

ACUSD Superintendent of Schools

Amy Slavensky, Ph.D.
ACUSD Superintendent

Jacqueline Dillard
Executive Communications & Operations Specialist