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Student Data Privacy

California Student Privacy Alliance (CSPA)
The CSPA is a collaboration of California school districts that share common concerns around student privacy. The goal of the CSPA is to set standards of both practice and expectations around student privacy such that all parties involved have a common understanding of expectations.
Amador County Unified School District is a participating member of the CSPA

We are in the process of establishing agreements with each of our app vendors for the 2020-2021 school year.

This list will continue to grow in the coming days and weeks as additional resource tools are added.

ACUSD Approved Platforms and APP’s

 Acceptable Use Policy

Board Policies, Administrative Regulations, and Exhibits 

BP5022 – Student and Family Privacy Rights
AR5022 – Student and Family Privacy Rights

BP5125 – Student Records
AR5125 – Student Records

BP5125.1 – Release of Directory Information
AR5125.1 – Release of Directory Information
E5125.1 – Release of Directory Information

BP6163.4 – Student Use of Technology
E6163.4 – Student Use of Technology

Amador County Unified School District
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