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Assistant Superintendent
Business Services

Haley Maciel
Administrative Assistant

Nancy Kohlman
Director Fiscal Services

Terry McCrory
Fiscal Analyst

Cathy Nelson
Sr Payroll Technician
(Supp payroll/benefits)

Julie Parr
Fiscal Analyst

Mason Peters
Sr Payroll Technician
(EOM payroll)

Debby Thomas
Senior Account Clerk

Lisa Yarborough
Senior Account Clerk

Senior Account Clerk








The Business Office is responsible for the annual budgets, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, employee benefits, contracting, procurement, school site budget oversight and several state and federal reports for both the Amador County Office of Education and the Amador County Unified School District.

Of the office’s many responsibilities, developing and reporting the budget is arguably the most significant. The budget is planned against the fiscal year which runs from July 1st to June 30th. During each fiscal year, there are four budget reporting periods as mandated by the State of California. Since we function as both a County Office of Education and a Unified School District, we develop and report two separate budgets. In addition to the period reports produced by the office, an outside independent audit of the final annual budget is required at the end of each fiscal year.

Reporting PeriodRequired Reports
July-JuneAdopted Budget
July-OctoberFirst Interim Budget Report
November-JanuarySecond Interim Budget Report
July-JuneUnaudited Budget Report
Audited Budget Report

Follow the link to view current and previous financial reports and budgets.

Financial Reports

Amador County Unified School District
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