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The District Board of Trustees approved new graduation requirements at the board meeting on April 10.

Current Graduation RequirementsNew Graduation Requirements 
Total credits required to graduate: 250
1. History-Social Science: 1 semester (5 units) of World Geography
2. Math: 2 years (20 units) and students must pass Algebra 1
3. Science: 1 year (10 units) of a Life Science and 1 year (10 units) of a Physical Science
Total credits required to graduate: 250
1. History-Social Science: 1 semester (5 units) of History-Social Science Elective.
– Beginning with the 2019-2020 freshman class
2. Math: 3 years (30 units) and students must pass Algebra 1 CP or Algebra 1 A and B (equivalent to Algebra 1 CP)
– Beginning with the 2020-2021 freshman class
3. Science: 3 years (30 units)
– Beginning with the 2021-2022 freshman class

Below is the three-year implementation plan.

Year One, 2019-2020

Social Science

Implement change: Geography requirement to History-Social Science elective


  • Continue cohort and vertical alignment
  •  Develop courses for 3rd year of math
    ○ Consumer Math
    ○ Courses that fulfill math/CTE
    ○ Applied math
  • Advance students on margin into Algebra 1 CP
    ○ Offer summer advancement class for math skill development
  • Parent/Public meetings regarding math graduation requirement change
  • Continue to create a consistent math pathway for both high schools
  • Explore more student support for students in Alg. 1 CP


  • Continue NGSS training
  • Visit local curriculum fairs

Year Two, 2020-2021


  • Implement change: 3rd year of math graduation requirement begins for incoming freshman


  • Continue NGSS training
  • Continue to develop and offer NGSS courses
    ○ H.S. offer Living Earth to all freshmen
  • Parent/Public meetings regarding science grad requirement change

Year Three, 2021-2022


  • Implement change: 3rd year of science graduation requirement begins for incoming freshman

Comparison Chart

Below is a comparison chart for Amador County Public Schools graduation requirements and UC/CSU admission requirements (4-Year University)

SubjectACUSD High School Graduation RequirementUC/CSU A-G Private University* Admission Requirements (Minimum)UC Recommendations
English4 years (40 credits)4 yearsAP recommended
Mathematics2 years (20 credits)
3 years (effective 2020/21 school year)
3 years (Alg. 1CP, Geometry, Alg. 2CP)4th and 5th year recommended
Science2 years (20 credits)
3 years (effective 2021/22 school year)
2 years (1 year of Life Lab and 1 year of Physical Lab)3rd and 4th year recommended
History3.5 years (35 credits)2 years3rd and 4th year recommended
Fine Art1 year (10 credits)1 year (Art, band, Ceramics, Digital Photo, Drama, Floral Design)
Foreign LanguageNone2 years3rd and 4th year recommended
Career/Tech Ed1 year (10 credits)NoneNone
Physical Ed2 years (20 credits)NoneNone
Health0.5 years (5 credits)NoneNone
Electives9 classes (90 credits)1 year (College Prep Elective)None
Exams**NoneSAT or ACTSee UC’s website for SAT Subject Test recommendations

*Although most private universities follow A-G requirements, check the listed requirements of private universities to create an educational plan.
**Exams Required for Private Universities: See private university’s website for details.

Amador County Unified School District
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